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Aquaculture is experiencing rapid growth, driven by its highly efficient conversion of feed to fish protein. The success of your fish relies on precisely formulated and properly administered feeds in the given conditions. Every farm has its unique setup, demanding appropriate feeds that align with the chosen culture strategy.

De Heus comprehends these nutritional requirements and offers species-specific aquafeed solutions tailored to different species, culture methods, and environmental conditions.


Aquafeed Production in Africa

De Heus has been growing steadily in Africa. It currently produces in Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana and Ivory Coast. It will now add its first dedicated aquafeed plant in Africa with its new plant near Jinja under De Heus Uganda to feed the nascent aquaculture industry in East Africa.

We are best known in Uganda for our brand Koudijs, which has been active in the country since 2018 and leads in various livestock categories with its trusted quality. With the decision to produce fish feed locally, we will gradually change the brand name to De Heus. 

Nourishing aqua feed solutions

Aquaculture, an ever-evolving industry, is meeting the growing demand for safe and sustainable fish sources.


Aqua Feed types

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We work together with livestock and aquaculture farmers and international partners, such as the University of Toronto and Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The goal is always the same, to incorporate this knowledge int our nutritional products and services to improve the results for our farmers.

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of the aquaculture sector, today and tomorrow

Aquaculture Research and Development Center in Vietnam

Our dedicated Aquatic R&D Centre in Vietnam provides testing for a wide range of aquaculture species. The indoor facilities support extensive feed development trials under controlled conditions. The results are then tested and proven in our specially designed outdoor facilities that closely mirror those of an aquaculture farm.

The R&D Centre also functions as a technology lab where customers take part in training programmes and demonstrations to help develop their farming and management practices.

Collaboration on the farm

Every day, our on-the-farm approach gives us valuable knowledge and insights to support thousands of farms all over the world.