Feeding your performance

Supporting you to make the difference in your markets

Our ultimate goal is developing the right feed for you. Combining your ingredients with the right Koudijs product brings the optimal bottom-line result. We carefully analyze your raw materials, take time to understand your challenges and at the same time your goals. Combined with a continuous focus on quality to ensure consistency and availability. No matter your size, location or local conditions, we feed your performance.

Want to improve your farm results?

We bring the latest knowledge to you boosting your performance

We continuously improve our products, advice and support to meet changing circumstances. We make feed for farmers all over the world, therefore we continuously combine our global insights with our own R&D results to provide solutions for you every day.

Getting the most out of your production process

Our products come accompanied with mixing and in-use instructions for easy application.

Good farm management leads to healthy and productive animals

Our specialists are happy to share their extensive knowlegde and practical tips in the area of farm management to help you create an optimal and healthy environment for them. This way you keep your animals healthy and productive.