Beef cattle

Do you want healthier beef cattle? Healthier beef cattle are more fertile and have a higher growth rate. In terms of sustainability and economics too, a productive and healthy herd is important. De Heus offers nutritional and management advice to farmers of beef cattle to support the health of your cows.

Contributing to a profitable, healthy and sustainable farm

Rowland Wanyama
Commercial manager
Rowland Wanyama
Commercial manager

Helping you achieve your farm's goals

Each life stage of your beef cows has its own specific challenges to deal with. Keeping your animals healthy through reproduction, rearing, growing and fattening takes effort and focus. 

You can take advantge of the specific nutritional advice offering the best ration and feed solutions. After analysing and discussing your goals, our technical advisor provides you with a practical on-farm solution to help improve the performance of your farm.

  • Maximised margin per kg meat
  • Well-developed heifers
  • Improved fertility of your herd

Want to improve your farm results?

Our Ruminant concentrate

Concentrate that contains all essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy growth and production. A versatile solution for all ruminants that can be fed under diverse circumstances. Practical and simple to use. Produced in The Netherlands.


We have the answers to your questions

The main expenses are the purchase of your animals and the feed the animals eat. It is important to buy well-developed animals at a good purchase price. Well-developed and healthy animals perform better and are more profitable. These animals require a well-balanced ration for safe digestion and optimal performance.

Forage is the basis for a profitable and sustainable extensive beef operation. It is crucial to manage the pasture and grazing of your herd all year around. During the year, the availability of forage varies considerably. To make optimal use of the forage, a grazing plan along with correct supplementation is essential to maintain productivity and profitability.

The reproduction performance is the foundation for a cow/calf operation. De Heus offers  nutritional solutions with management advice to address key issues that affect reproductive performance.