Young Animal Feed

The best start for your animals with De Heus

A good start is half the battle

A strong and healthy development in early life results in the best bottom line results for the farmer. Due to the importance of this life stage we dedicate a lot of R&D to develop the best feeds. They are produced in dedicated young animal feed production facilities using specially selected and cleaned raw materials and highly digestible ingredients that support development of the young animal. We offer premium starter feeds for poultry and swine. 

Elevate your chicks' performance with Galdus High Altitude

Galdus High Altitude prestarter is formulated for optimal development and a positive response towards the additional challenge of healthy growth at high altitude. The use of premium high quality ingredients and carefully balanced levels of dietary energy and protein ensure the best start for your day old chicks.

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Stimulating palatability for young animals

In our specialties for young animals, we ensure that proteins are very digestible and formulated to stimulate palatability for young animals.

Our formulation and production technologies are designed to create a product with the right texture to enhance uptake by the animal and promote optimum digestion of all the vital nutrients. By observing young animals on our own farms and on those of our customers, we have been able to create nutritional formulas and solutions that will ensure an optimal start on all types of farms.

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Weaning is an important event in a piglet’s life. Here, the piglets learn to switch from liquid to solid feed. Learn more about how our starter feeds support your piglets in this critical period.

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Supporting the health of young animals

Our specialties for young animals are designed to support health and boost resistance to infections at the most vulnerable stage of their life. In addition, our young animal nutrition facilitates the transition to a different diet and the challenges around weaning. The product ranges connect seamlessly to support development in each life phase.

Calves feed

A good start is half the work. Optimal early stages for a young calf are crucial for healthy development into an adult.

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