Tilapia is a herbivorous fish which is grown all over the world. The combination of physiological characteristics, with multiple production methods and conditions, requires for the feed assortment to be adapted accordingly. Being present in many markets, generates a lot of know how that is applied to producing the best feed for Tilapia farmers all over the world.

Full feed assortment for every farm

When fish are reared in ponds, cages, or any other aquaculture production system, they all require a feed assortment that is adapted to the various systems to ensure good growth and healthy fish. Feed assortments not only take into account healthy growth, but also water quality and other parameters which have direct effects on production performance. 

Optimal growth in every stage

A dedicated R&D team is continuously studying how nutrients best support the development of fast and robust growing tilapia under different conditions. Feed composition, feeding regimes, and feed production methods are tested and evaluated. Local teams and R&D are in constant communication transferring information such as achievements or challenges faced by tilapia producers. This provides essential information to ensure the research knowledge is shared effectively with the market.