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We combine essential nutrients for your animals for an optimal performance. A concentrate contains all required micro-ingredients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phosphates, additives and proteins. The ratio's are determined by the nutritional needs of your animals and by the composition of the main raw materials that you have available. Our concentrates can be found under our Koudijs brand in your animal feed shop. 

Mixing instructions concentrates

For the best results, it is important to mix our concentrates with the right raw materials in the right ratios

Koudijs concentrates are easy to use

Our concentrates contain all the essential nutrients like vitamins, micro-minerals, macro-minerals, amino acids, additives and protein sources that are easy to mix with your own raw materials. This makes it possible to produce high quality and consistent feed all year round. With the provided mixing instructions your animals can be sure to have the right nutrition to provide you with the performance you are looking for. 

Experience the difference!

The Koudijs concentrates provide a strong and stable nutritional basis for your feeds. The ingredients for our concentrates come from trusted sources. These concentrates are produced in dedicated, high standard De Heus production facilities combined with thorough quality assurance procedures and practises.

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