De Heus accelerates growth in north of Spain with acquisition of Piensos Muga

17 June 2020
3 minutes

De Heus Animal Nutrition signed the agreement for the acquisition of Piensos Muga in Spain, effective from June 29 th . The acquisition of Piensos Muga is an important step for De Heus to strengthen its leading position as supplier of animal nutrition products in Northern Spain, a key region to the Spanish livestock sector. 

Founded in 1992, with an annual capacity of 80,000 tonnes, Piensos Muga specialises in the development and production of a complete range of high quality dairy-, beef cattle and other ruminants feeds. With De Heus already present in this part of Spain, synergy effects are expected to improve efficiency and service towards the customers.  

Piensos Muga and De Heus fit with one another perfectly. Both companies provide their customers with high quality feed products, as well as with services and in-depth knowledge about animal nutrition and animal husbandry and in this way supplies them with efficiency and technological progress. In addition, Piensos Muga will gain access to De Heus’ international knowledge, experience and research network enabling it to further improve its products and services more quickly.

Jean-François Honoré, general manager of De Heus Iberia, about the acquisition: “After the previous successful acquisitions of Acorex in Extremadura, Evialis in Galicia and Unzue in Navarra, this acquisition reconfirms De Heus’ consolidation strategy in the non-integrated feed market in Spain. With this strategy we can serve livestock farmers in the region even better, with the help of a local team of highly trained professionals who will add from now on the technology and international experience of De Heus. The Spanish regions of Navarra, La Rioja, the Basque Country and Aragon are areas of great relevance in terms of the livestock sector and at De Heus we want to contribute to its strength, integrating innovation and animal welfare”.

“With the acquisition of Piensos Muga, De Heus Iberia establishes the ability to provide the best customer service, which is ultimately the goal we work towards every day. At the same time, very positive synergies are created between this new plant and the other two plants  that we already have in this region of Northern Spain. Our goal is to continue growing, hand in hand with our clients in the North of Spain”, highlights Honoré.