David Strombom's venture as Plant Manager at De Heus Kenya

10 June 2024
2 minutes

David, originally from Sweden, holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. With 25 years of experience in manufacturing, he worked at Sandvik as Production Manager and General Manager, as well as lean project manager before transitioning to Coca-Cola as a Senior Engineering Manager. In South Africa, he served as an Operations Manager for Yara, overseeing phosphate production for many applications including animal feeds.

Move to Kenya

The opportunity to join De Heus in Kenya presented itself as an exciting opportunity for David and his family. Drawn by the chance to contribute to the establishment of a new business venture, they eagerly embraced the challenge of relocating to Kenya and immersing themselves in a new cultural setting.  

Contributing to De Heus

David believes he can significantly contribute to setting up the plant in Kenya by finding the right team and leveraging his extensive experience in training and scale-up. He has worked with various systems and types of equipment, and hopes to share his technical knowledge and leadership skills to build a strong operational team in Kenya. Also the community of plant managers in Africa and beyond can benefit from his manufacturing experience. The ultimate goal is to help farmers improve their efficiency and reduce the cost of animal feed by providing high-quality products and consistent supply.  

Team and training organisation

The new plant in Kenya is expected to employ around 25 people initially, and then we will increase the shifts as the business grows. David is looking for candidates with milling experience in Kenya, and plans to organise training through a milling school in Nairobi and/or training at other De Heus plants. There has already been a significant interest from applicants, some of whom have experience in milling plants.

Living in Kenya

David finds living in Kenya fun and exciting. He enjoys meeting the people, experiencing the culture, and navigating the different driving conditions. Exploring a new area and adapting to the changes has been a big but enjoyable shift for him and his family.

David is enthusiastic about this new chapter and looks forward to making a positive impact as Plant Manager in Kenya.

Complementary skills for a strong start

As David spearheads De Heus's ventures in Kenya, Robert mirrors the process in Uganda, combining their diverse skills to fortify the company's presence in East Africa. David's technical prowess, ensuring a well-rounded approach to expansion complements Robert's operational and sales acumen. Together, they prioritize quality, efficiency, and teamwork to establish and optimize operations, driving accessibility and affordability of premium animal feeds for regional farmers.