Grand opening of new shrimp feed production line in Vinh Phuc Vietnam

13 October 2017
2 minutes

Saturday October 7 th marked the grand opening of the shrimp feed production line located in our Vinh Phuc factory of De Heus in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam. With this factory De Heus is able to respond to the rapid growth of shrimp farming sector in the North of Vietnam.

To respond to the rapid growth of shrimp farming sector in the North of Vietnam, De Heus LLC decided to invest in a state-of-the-art shrimp feed production line in Vinh Phuc factory – the second factory of De Heus which is equipped with agriculture feed production facilities in Vietnam.  More than 200 guests attended the ceremony, including representatives from the Government Office, Department of Livestock Production, Embassy of the Netherlands, Vinh Phuc authorites, business partners, customers, press, and employees of De Heus. At the ceremony, distinguished guests were also given a tour within the factory to visit the spectacular new line in operation to have more understanding of how De Heus provides high quality feed for shrimp farmers in the North, North Central Coast region of Vietnam, and for export.

By using modern technologies imported from Europe and Taiwan, this state-of-the-art facility of De Heus is considered to be the most modern production line in the field of shrimp feed in the North of Vietnam.

Mr. Gabor Fluit, Business Group Director of De Heus Asia, shared that the strategic investment decision in the shrimp production line as a commitment of De Heus to make endless effort to improve the quality of feed products, introduce initiatives that support economical and profitable farming of shrimp farmers by providing effective and faster feed distribution. All to support farmers to increase productivity and efficiency of thier shrimp farming activity.