Layer concentrate KBC30/35 for rearing

For layers from 10 days up to week 13

This crumbled KBC 35/30 concentrate is also used for Layers in the starter and grower phase.

Quality and ease of feed production due to 30-35 % inclusion – only add maize and for desired outcomes some oil. With KBC35/30 you achieve a robust feed, less depending on quality of local ingredients. The variability in feed quality is therefore limited resulting in better growth and lower Feed Conversion Ratios. All amino acids (protein), minerals, vitamins, trace elements and salinomycine are included at the correct levels according to our extensive nutritional research for optimal growth efficiency and uniformity.

KBC35/30 is supplied with different mixing advices for Layers during their growth phases from 10 days up to and including week 12.

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  • Crumbled for improved feed intake
  • Contains salinomycine supporting bird against coccidiosisUSP 2
  • Flexibility and customization through different mixing possibilities

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