Piglet Nursemilk Mix

Nursemilk mix for piglets for additional use or full replacement

The Koudijs nursemilk is developed to fully replace sows milk in case the sow is not able to nurse or for additional feed to support growth and decrease mortality. The milk consists of high quality, easily digestible ingredients that ensure a healthy start for your piglets. The high palatability ensures high intake and increases piglet weight very effectively.

Nursemilk is perfectly soluble in water and can be provided as
1) a liquid: mix 250 gr. meal in one liter of water at 45ºC
2) a yoghurt: mix 400 gr. meal in one liter of water at 45ºC
3) Dry

  • Helps piglets to survive at a young age

  • Increases weaning weights

  • decreases mortality and fostered piglets